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About Overflowing integers...

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I have used 8 Cars per trainer in the original RCT2 to find out how long the game can play. I found it it ends on October 31, Year 8,192. Now I wonder what happens to the games coding if it rolls over to Year 0 (which doesn't exist and it rolls back to March Year 1) normally? Would the game get messed up if it happens through normal play? And if so, according to the current release of OpenRCT2, would going past Year 8,192 make the game unstable?  Also, would multiplayer be affected by the integer overflow?

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Old attractions just pretend they are new, but I honestly don't know if an age of minus x years hurts any calculations. If there are only comparisons done with these numbers it won't, but if they are used as multiplier somewhere things may go a bit crazy. I guess it's the former.

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