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Instant crash when building a downwards slope after a large radius corner

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So I got this bug using version develop version baffb37, it is 100% reproducable. When making a coaster and making a large radius corner, the game will crash at the moment I select to build a downwards slope. No crash occurs when making an upwards slope or no slope at all. This happens for any type of roller coaster. I attached the crash window and a screenshot for an explanation. As I can see the referenced file (ride_construction.c) is adjusted in this version, so I guess this version introduced this bug.





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An explanation: an assertion is basically explicitly stating an assumption, which will trigger errors like these if they happen not to be true (rather than failing silently or in a less obvious), to make for easier troubleshooting.

Thanks for reporting this. You can track its status on the page Broxzier pointed to.

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