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Problems starting the game..

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Hey there, my name is Michel and im New here on this forum (you can read About me on my other topic where i introduced myself)

now i got this problem.. Ive installed the openrtc2 thingy.. And when i try to start up the game.. A short/quick MS-DOS promt comes up and emediatly dissapears again.. And then... Nothing :(

Im trying to add a Little video (134.7mb) of 45 secs to show wat happend.

can Someone help me to fix this up??



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The verbose option from the launcher never worked for me, so here's a way that does work without using the launcher at all.

Open a command prompt window (Start menu, type cmd, press enter)

Browse to the openrct2 folder using cd, for example:

cd Documents\OpenRCT2

Then run the following command:

bin\openrct2.exe --verbose > log.txt 2>&1

This will print all the output to a file called log.txt in the OpenRCT2 folder. Attach this file or paste its content here so we can see where it stops working.

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