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No Cheats on Multiplayer only for some people

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So, I was hosting a server yesterday and noticed some people were able to change trains to other coasters (Loopinc coaster cars on a wooden coaster), change lift speed and so on.


However, even as a server host, I can't access the cheats menu.

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Cheats don't work in multiplayer, they only work locally. There is a reason cheats have been removed from multiplayer. By using them you'll only make everything more unstable than it already is. If you want to use some cheats, ask whoever is hosting to use them, and then reconnect.

Making cheats work for multiplayer is on the roadmap.

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Ok cool!. Some editing of Car rides do make the server crash indeed. But not all of them do!.

Others can see that someone does actually change car rides. Yes this is very unstable to do so.

But if you guys wanna cheat, then revert back to Version 1703. You know what can happen if you do so.


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As we don't support cheats in multiplayer (yet) and this can lead to abusing of other people's servers, we've made a change to make sure client and server versions are in lock-step.

You won't be able to connect to newer servers using old builds.

We expect more breaking changes to network stream in the future, this will make sure only compatible versions get connected.

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