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Tiny Crammed park


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I got a idea today to start with a 25x25 scenario in my own server, and it already got fully crammed within a few game months and 1000+ guests. I like the to use a Tiny Park and cram as much stuff in it as possible. Once it got crammed, i extended it to 35x35 and then 75x75 which is it currently. I had to adjust the Park Entrances with the paths though.

Thanks to Przemek , Bobbycarhater, Cameron, No one, Fei Rune, Hap, Racey, StickOfButter for building here,


btw: Do something about the Autosave bug ( it does crash the server often when it saves ). It's not only happening to me.


My island !






Closer look to the dual Roller Coaster




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I cant join the rehosted server anymore, the game just crashes everytime the load is complete without giving any sort of explanation so...yeah, count me out :c

Edit: It seems like I actually managed to hop back in, nvm

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Things fixed by themselves?!?!
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Guys this is the final result of my 150x150 mega park build. It all started from 25x25 in size. Slowly added land and rides.

Thanks to KKLD for hosting it while i was away ( but you really shouldn't cheat 8000 guests or more ) you know what happens with that.


All by all is this about 8 hours of work into it. With a few server issues during that.


Maybe i will start another park like this the coming week. It's fun to build with about 10 other players :P and no griefers around us. Even when it's not passworded.


Oh and the park rating is 0 haha. They cheated some guests i think and i had this happen also when i hosted it.


Total Result:

225 Rides and stalls together

124 staff members

Total park size is 218,990 m²





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