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Remove scenario limitations


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OpenRCT would be PERFECT with the scenario limitations, I would love to use all the rides, scenery items, etc in one park, that would make this great!

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That would be the best feature for OpenRCT I guess. If you guys are finished with this...Maybe you could teach me how to break the limits via the same way on Chris Sawyer's Locomotion...I love both games and still play them even due to the fact that they are a decade old. It always irritated me a lot that both RCT2 and Locomotions have these damn limits...Like bigger maps, more vehicles/rides etc etc etc...

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Locomotion Tycoon is Transport Tycoon, right? Or is there a difference between them? In case there isn't, there's a project Called OpenTTD which is much further in development than OpenRCT2.http://www.openttd.org/en/
No, Locomotion is another game: http://store.steampowered.com/app/356430/
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I used to play Transport Tycoon when it came out in 1994, but when Locomotion came out as a spiritual succesor to Transport Tycoon I stopped playing Transport Tycoon. I liked the grahics more of Locomotion (it also uses the same engine as RCT). The thing that I hated the most in Transport Tycoon (and therefore OpenTTD wich I played as well) is the stupid looking railroads with their strange diagonal turns in it. Also OpenTTD is much smaller then Locomotion's graphics.I must admit that in OpenTTD mods are much easyer to use and more vehicles and bigger maps can be used. If they would only use the best of both Locomotion and TTD together then there would be a much better game !!

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Locomotion is normally refereed to as 'Chris Sawyer's Locomotion' as that is the game's title. The game is meant as a spiritual successor to TT/TTD which was originally going to get a sequel, but ended up becoming RCT1. TTD did get a open source version of course (OpenTTD).

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