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Land Tool - More Colours (RCT1 Feature)


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i have a idea respective the land tool in OpenRCT. In RollerCoaster Tycoon 1 it was possible, to colouration the walls in many variations. I know, that i can use in RCT 2 the scenery tool (walls and roofs), but i think, it is in some situations more easily to use the land tool for creating buildings or bridges etc.

By this reason i would like to ask, if it is possible, to integrate this feature in OpenRCT. Attached two Screenshots for a better description.

Thank you for an answer.

Best wishes





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The idea is that they were replaced by walls (which weren't available in RCT1). RCT1 expects you to build huises using the land tool, while (Open)RCT2 uses the scenery tool for that. Still I'd love to see this added, as it makes building through houses a lot easier.

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Features like this require full decompilation of the game. Settings like this need to be saved in the saved game file, however there is limited data available for each map element. even when there is space left (let's say an unused bit in the structure), we could add a few more styles, but then it would break compatibility with the original game.

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