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Multiplayer desyncs

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Hello all,

first of all: Thank you so much for putting so much effort in decompiling and fixing this game. Love it!!!

I just tried to play multiplayer via LAN with a friend. We played electric fields and got so many desyncs! Due to the current development version, I think this may be normal behaviour or am I wrong?

Are there some workarounds or are the developers currently working on this? Most of the time it happens suddenly without doing anything. Sometimes it happens instantly. I'll upload the savegame. Maybe someone can reproduce this!?

If you need any information, let me know. Both of us are using a decent PC with Windows 10.

Thanks in advance!

Elektrische Felder.sv6

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Thank you guys. We are actually using the option to reconnect, but strange things happen after the desync. We get different weather and the finance stuff is not the same. This is the disadvantage of using this option right? Good to know, that the devs are working on fixing this. The multiplayer option is so awesome!!! Is the next stable going to be a big step in terms of multiplayer?

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Yes indeed, those strange things happen because you're not in sync anymore with each other.

No, the next stable will be like the current develop version, but with additional bugfixes. The stable version is - at this moment in development - in my opinion not better than the develop version. (for example, most of the bugs from the current 'stable' version are fixed in the current develop version)

It can be a while until multiplayer is 100% bugfree/desyncfree.

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5 hours ago, AlexanderLaheij said:

What's a desync?

A desync means that the client is not running the exact same as the server anymore. You can still stay connected, but you're actually playing a different park from then on. For example on the server a guest may choose to go into a ride, but on your machine it chooses to grab a drink before. In time the parks will be completely different.

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Just got a server setup and running. Great job on the game! I am also experiencing the desync issues and figured it was still the original game not fully syncing. This project is an awesome idea and I would love to help in some way but broke and not very good at code. I have a development Multi-Theft Auto server and can advertise on there with billboard or something for OpenRCT2 once that server goes live (March2016 hopefully) if ya want. Let me know :)


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