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  1. well built a crappy noob park for a start stepped away for a bit and i was broke haha. If any people on WestCoast, USA wanna play let me know i have a server i can run it on.
  2. Just got a server setup and running. Great job on the game! I am also experiencing the desync issues and figured it was still the original game not fully syncing. This project is an awesome idea and I would love to help in some way but broke and not very good at code. I have a development Multi-Theft Auto server and can advertise on there with billboard or something for OpenRCT2 once that server goes live (March2016 hopefully) if ya want. Let me know
  3. Server is hosted in Southern California. I am still new to this game but figured i would see how many people my server can handle. Jump in help me stress test it haha pass: 420420 I personally keep getting network desync.. i will look into this issue inawhile let me know if you guys get it as well.any questions hit me up
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