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Custom Objects Not Showing Up When Opening

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Are you playing the scenarios or your own park ?

Do you have all the objects you want to use "ticked" in the Objects Selection window ?

Do you have cheats enabled ?

Scenarios don't add other objects even if you have every object ever made correctly installed on your computer. The only stuff that will show up is stuff that is flagged for that scenario. If you want more, then you need cheats enabled and to add stuff from the Objects Selection window.

I apologise if I seem to be being rude, that's not my intent.

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I have the same issue, cannot see any custom objects in the objects selection in my mac and when I try to load a custom park/workbench it says "cannot load, contain invalid objects" so I guess the problem is the same for both my issues and that is that I cannot make the game accept new objects. Would love to see if there is a solution for this. 

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