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Car World: A car themed park.


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So I've been loading and closing this game for a while, not knowing what to make but, eventually I got an idea. Make a park themed on cars!In the game alone there might only be so many car themed rides but, a little digging through the expansions and I can come up with something fantastic. Here's a screenshot of what I have so far, just some generic rides here and there, along with the London Buses trams and the 1920's Go Karts. I'll probably be adding yet more car rides since there's still so many.If you guys have any suggestions feel free to post them, I don't mind. Maybe some Custom Content I can use to spice things up or, anything I'm missing, or just to say it's horrible and you're working on a better version, I don't mind.Anyway here's a screenshot:View image

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Here's some more screenshots, I would have posted them earlier but I was having trouble with Imgur at the time and, I forgetted:View imageThe other side of the park, with a Go-Kart track and a Gangster Car ride, resembling that of a Hot Wheels track, well, kinda, I don't know.View imageThe station for Wild Taxi Ride, and a little bit of scenery for it.View imageThe full ride with stats. This one's quite nice but, block brakes might be a good addition maybe.

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Just a quick bump.

I haven't had the chance to work on it for a while. Especially since this might just be a beta before I make something epic using a custom scenario. I've been busy with getting back into FF14, very busy weeks and more importantly writers block, or the equivalent to park makers.

I like the look of that coaster but my skills with decorating and coaster making aren't exactly the best. It took me a few attempts to even make Hot Wheels and I still have a reversing Police Van coaster to make, totally forgetting that just like side friction coasters, cars can fly off. That said siving it a jolly good go has been the most fun.

If anybody's spotted any good CC online which would fit my park feel free to link it, or if you've seen something in my park that's jolly well interesting I'll try and find it for yous.

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