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  1. Does the Son of beast trainer work on OpenRCT?Also, thank you Broxzier, your effort truly makes you an asset to this community. :)
  2. Perhaps using the Limousine cars in 2-3 car trains on LIM track (or Looping coaster track for less intensity) and build something like the backlot stunt coaster? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I2hQGUPtWGg
  3. Broxier, there's some great ideas in those buildings, especially using the short pipe sections as planters. :) And after loading and poking around Peanut's park, I now have access to all the paths that were in his park, including invisible paths, so hex editing isn't really needed anymore for this. :)
  4. So I can build a path through a preexisting plot (considerately) and choose a free plot? Do I also need to save, or is that taken care of on your end?
  5. I see alot of problems developing quickly. Already the main paths system is a bit of a mess, and we have one player using no-entry signs to trap guests in their section of the park. Plus, no-one on the "frontier" of the park has built paths out to new squares. Would like to play this park, it works so far, but i don't want to step on anyone's toes.also, Peanut, a lone set of entrance and exit for Green Orgasm are in the middle of the square beyond Knight's Training.
  6. So sideways entrances require hex editing too? Invisible paths aren't so important, but the sideways entrances would just lend so much flexibility.
  7. I'm unsure if this is a feature of the versions players here are using, but downloading the Dev versions off the project homepage I found the save file for one of the parks featured in the new title sequence, mci.sv6Within this save file I've found some interesting features, chief of them being:-The construction of entrances so that the guests enter and exit parallel to the station, or edge of the ride's footprint. -Invisible paths, to make more realistic station platforms (in conjunction with invisible entrances), or to use river rapids lift hill rollers as staircases (in conjunction with dis
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