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Bug: Not able to save custom track design

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OpenRCT2, v0.4.3 (285e0fc on master) provided by GitHub

Windows 10, 64-bit

I encounter problem in saving the custom design roller coaster in track design. It shows "Can't save track design. Track desgin elements not suppoted by track design format". Is it related to the new track pieces in single-rail roller coaster added in v0.4.3?

No cheats were enabled.


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There have been a few posts about this, and the guys have said the same thing each time. The error message you get is correct, those track pieces can't be saved as yet. I believe they are working on it, along with just a few other things. I for one want to see them able to be saved also. But these things take time.

I know that's not what you want to hear, but as you may already know, they're working on things as best they can.

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I'd been thinking about posting 'an advisory' some time ago: gee, I guess I should have done, sorry.

My best understanding is that the (pre-)existing Track-Save format is not capable of accepting any new (read, 'more') elements (i.e. the associated table is already full).

If I'd posted earlier, I'd have recommended Track-Designing your coaster with new elements, get it sorted, then swap-out the special elements for space-filler-only elements that still permit the coaster to function, maybe recolor those elements for easy-reversion, Save the now-savable design; you'll be able to place your coaster into any scenario, perform a quick swap-in of the new elements, and proceed.

A different way to do this involves Sadret's Scenery Manager Plug-In (NB: you can't access Plug-Ins from the Track Designer ...). It's a trifle arcane but, if anyone is interested, I can explain.

I must, 'speaking knowledgably', at least sort-of, sound like I'm part of the OpenRCT2 dev team: I'm not; I'm just an old geek who knows a fair amount of purely-esoteric stuff about how programing must work.

Good Luck,


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