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OpenRCT2 Launcher

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Does anybody know if the creator of the launcher comes in these forums please ?

Since occasionally the launcher doesn't launch the game, I was hoping to suggest maybe adding an option for it to launch with or without an update.

I find launching straight from the game exe seems to start a bit differently, as if it's not seeing it's most recent successful update.

Maybe a check box or button to check for updates, I have no idea how hard or easy things like that are. As I've said a few times before, I'm not even close to being a "coder".

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11 hours ago, jensj12 said:

AFAIK, the launcher is not an official OpenRCT2 project and even pulls the builds from an unofficial site. IntelOrca created a new launcher that should address this issue (I think).

I knew it wasn't an official project, that's why I asked if the creator looks in here at all. I wasn't aware of where the updates were coming from though. Thanks for the additional info none the less.  :)

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