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ForumPM SystemMake users able to send each other private messages.Hide first postInstead of having the first post of a thread there at every page, hide it by default (and make it expandable), or remove it altogether. Possibly make it a toggle per thread. (I'm thinking they are separated from normal posts in the database)Amount of posts per pageMake the user able to select the amount of posts to display per page.Clickable avatarsLink to the user's profile.Embedded search functionTo replace the Google search.Coaster CloudSelecting parks enhancementWhen clicked on a park, make the information about it pop up right above it instead of at the top.Default messageWhen there are no parks listed, display some text for the user that explain how syncing works.Custom park logoMake the user able to upload a custom park logo for their saves (could be really small).General siteHome: Smaller download buttonSeriously, when I visited this the first time I thought it wasn't sure if it was fake :P Perhaps it's better to just make it say "Go to download page" or something similar, that looks more trustworthy.Content store: SearchDisplay a search bar by default. On addition on the search page make the user able to select what type they want, and how they want it sorted (name, date, download count, username).Content store: Object DataAn Object Data category where people can upload custom scenery, custom themes, complete packs, custom rides, and custom pallets.
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ForumFirst post editAbility to edit the first post. (wanted to do this just now :P)Latest activity linksMake it link to the last page of a thread instead of the last.BB codes everywhereAdd the buttons for BB-codes to the page when you post a new thread or edit a post.Some ideas from UTMAN:User locationsA list of online users displaying who is viewing what.User statsTime spent on the forums (Just an estimation? refresh timer every time a page is loaded?), posts / day.
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PM SystemIs this really neccesairy? I have tought about making this but... I'm not sure how much it would get used. It's not like there is anything on this website you have to say in private? Or do you guys have big secrets about RCT? xD But I'll think about it since it's not the first time this gets requested...Hide first postBut then... How would you know what the post is about? :oEdit: Added, check the account page :)Amount of posts per pageI was going to change that already ;) I wanted to make the amount bigger, but yes, I maybe might want to make it custom.Edit: Added, check the account page :)Clickable avatarsErm... yes :pEdit: Fixed :p Embedded search functionThe google thing only searches on this website, you know ;) Also, I think the google search thing is faster then when I would make one myself. They also know what post is relevant to certain keywords. If I made a search engine, it would just count how many times the keywords are in the post and sort on that... Not really good :p Selecting parks enhancementYep, that's coming soon. The web version is getting 100% restyled :)Default message^Custom park logoYou mean the possibility to upload an image with a park?Home: Smaller download buttonWell I just wanted to make it very obvious where to download the game :pContent store: SearchSame as the ContentCloud, the content store will get a restyle.Content store: Object DataI've tought about it, but people who know how to use Object Data, also know where to get it. I think giving it to 'normal' people is going to raise a lot of questions.First post editI might make something to add something to the first post. But editing will never be allowed since it would be possible to make it empty after a question has been answer, for example. Which isn't something we want.Latest activity linksYes, that bother me too but I haven't changed it yet :p I'll do it nowEdit: Fixed :) BB codes everywhereYes, I noticed yesterday when creating a topic that I haven't put it everywhere. That will be fixed soon.Edit: Fixed :) User locationsAt the moment this isn't logged because of privacy :p But if you guys want that, fine by me...User statsI'll see if I can make something. Time spent on forums is going to be difficult to time... But posts per day is easy :) Edit: Added posts/day :)
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Nice and quickly done! :DPMs: It would have been handy when imlegos didn't know how to use CC and would mail it to me, when someone wanted to add me on Skype, and when I wanted to help jamaka with his computer problem. So, handy for things you'd like to ask someone specific.Embedded search function: Fair enough :PCustom park logo: Yes, to replace the screenshot.First post edit: Would anyone really do that? Maybe if it's an issue, make a moderator approve of the change first.User locations: Oh no, now they can see I'm reading a topic about RCT! D:User stats: As for the time spend online, it's easiest to make it an approximation. For every time the user opens a webpage, check the last time they were online, if it was within the last X minutes, get the time difference and add this to the total. If it was more than X minutes, simply add X. The lower X is, the more precise the total time will be, however don't go too low because reading one page can take a few minutes in which case time is lost.I'm looking forward to seeing the restyled pages. :)

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Haven't thought of making it mail based, that would be much easier I guess :PAlso another idea: For each thread display the number of new messages since the last time reading it. I know some forums that do this, and I use this feature a lot :P when you click on "X new posts" you'll automatically go to the page with the first new post.

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No ofcourse not, what I thought of is that while you send a PM to someone, they receive an e-mail with the message, and a link to a page where they can respond. The website will mail them, and nobody sees an e-mail address. Though an embedded system would be really nice too :P

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