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Changing the height of a pre-built coaster design?

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When I'm placing a ride like a merry-go-round or a shop/stall, I can hold the shift key and move the mouse to change its height.  However, this doesn't work for a pre-built coaster design.  Why not, and how can I change its height?  I'm playing a scenario where I can't actually change the land height, so I can't raise some land to force the ride to change height either.

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At least a little of this can be achieved by placing paths: a path tile demands 2 units (10ft/3m) of clearance above it; placing a tracked ride over path will displace its Z axis; you can build elevated path ...

There is, however a limit to this: just now I slapped down some elevated path, and attempted to place a prebuilt coaster over it; the roller coaster would displace, but no more than +3 units (+ 15ft/4.5m) ... without knowing precisely why, I'm sure that's WAD/WAI.

A tedious method would be to temporarily place the coaster where it can be placed and then replicate it, track-piece by track-piece, in the desired location at the desired height, and then demolishing the temporarily-placed 'template' coaster.

I hope you find an agreeable solution.


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5 hours ago, ExCrafty said:

One reason why you may not have been able to place a pre-built over elevated paths would be that it made the coaster "too high for supports" at some point in the track design.

Welpsy, while I have not thoroughly investigated this issue at all, that coaster I tried is really rather low compared to its support limits: a booster-only Looper, the highest point of which is the apex of its highest loop, which is entered at a relative height of 20ft (6m); it "refused" to place over path beyond +3 units.

I tried again with a tiny Looper, one which enters loops from no higher than 0 units, relative height; its highest point is at the top of the lift hill, +13 units (65ft/19.5m); again, the coaster could not be placed over path beyond +3 units.

16-17 height-units is only a little more than half the support limit for a Looping Coaster.

Thanks for pointing-out support limits, though: someone trying to further elevate a really-high Coaster might not apprehend that impediment.


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