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Bug-Open my park and guests won't spawn

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Enable sandbox mode (for which you need to have cheats enabled in the options, then click+hold the golden shovel) and open the map window. Select guest spawn points there and set a guest spawn point where guests are supposed to spawn if there isn't one already.

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Alternatively, while in sandbox mode, just click on the map icon and you'll get the same options as you had when creating the scenario, including where guests are meant to spawn.  :)

The video is actually for another post involving the map window, but you'll see where to look anyway.  :)


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1 hour ago, coasterexpert326 said:

Ok, now it says that you must put the guest spawn inside park boundaries, where would outside your park boundaries be?

Don't you mean OUTside the park boundary ? Outside the park boundary means land not owned by the park, and not available to be purchased as well.

The spawn point has to be on land not owned by the park. When you place an entrance regardless where you place it, it makes that specific spot unowned, but there has to be an unowned path/area leading from the edge of the map to the entrance. That area can be allocated as "Construction Rights Owned" as well.

I found this sort of stuff by experimentation. I have lands where the park entrance is in the centre of the map, with a path leading to it, with construction rights above that path. The only thing I haven't tried yet is a centre entrances with an underground path, what I have tried doesn't work. Ideally, I'd like to have the entrance underground as well, but you can't do that.

I hope my information is helping (and not too much rambling). Try things out, get frustrated when they don't work, so try something else. You may not be able to get exactly what you're after, but <shrug> you'll probably come close.  :)

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