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Europapark Rust (Germany, 475x475, Home of Mack Rides)


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In the 70´s the Mack Family bougt this land as testing ground for their ride developement program.
Decades later it became one of the most popular park in europe.
This is my work in progress attempt to build an up-to-scale version of it in RCT2. (Mockup of two .park files for work-in-progress reasons)14762777_Europaparkbearbeitung.thumb.png.05c9ae462a701d6fdbec4f11ee222f63.png
Thank you Marcel Vos for explaining dimensions in rct.

Here is another attempt on the Europappark by comiker91

If you are interested i can share my park file with you.

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thouse are the most relevant usable files. The picture you can see in my post is only a mockup of their combined states.
I use many different .park files at the same time to work on different objects/rides ideas and am not at the point where combining them actually makes sense.

Ist there a name for working in "layers" in the community? Would help me to do further research on other peoples pipelines.
Greetings Joshua


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Well thanks for all of your interest - There is not an update yet.
As there are so frequent updates in the past months (ty!), i had the feeling that some of my technical limits might just disapear and just gave it some time.
E.g. some rides recently got new trackpieces and was hoping for the the Gigacoaster to recieve some new ones as well. But i might even find some alternatives for that i guess (besides switching track type and doubeling with a cosmetic track).
But yea, stay tuned!

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