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good day,


while it's great to see all the strides the development team and creatives are producing with openRCT2, it would be nice to finally have a feature where you can alter and save concrete ride ratings. just for fun. the console cheat (i.e. where you type in line for line the ride ID and the ratings you want for excitement, intensity and nausea - doesn't stick, not even if you save the ride the moment the ratings arrive in the game and even if you do that and populate the ride in the same park or a future park.)

Perhaps i would suggest a full-blown 'god mode' that is an expansion of what's provided in the cheat menu and has some more options that puts the player into full control over their parks. While we appreciate what's been done, i think to get the full value out of the game and give greater control to the player, it would be great to go in that direction.

'god mode' doesn't have to be a full list of options comparable to the cheat menu and those tabs. More so a + module of 3-4 directly impactful additions that influence a park visitor's perceptions of a ride, piece of scenery.

visitors aren't rollercoaster or ride fanatics in the game, which is a real thing in life. no matter how many times you renew a ride.

visitors won't ride and/or pay beyond free for gentler rides with the current rating system, no matter if you check or don't check they prefer less or more intense rides.

just some thoughts from a lifelong rollercoaster tycoon player

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On 23/08/2022 at 18:19, ExCrafty said:

Why would you want to FORCE rides to have a particular rating set ? Just design the ride and tweak it until you get as close to what you want as you can. "god mode" in this way would detract from the essence of the game.

But that's just my opinion.

you think that was still on the table when they put in the Option to manipulate the ratings briefly using the blue command prompt window in-game? Come on bud. The essence is still there man. Even with the open development model. 

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The essence of the game was most definitely still on the table when we added that. It’s just that console command are mostly treated as cheats.

There is a flag to freeze the ratings of a ride. There are use cases for it, most prominently fixing up ride rating of hacked rides, which can be quite off the scale. This flag can be set by a plug-in. The console command was written before the flag was added, maybe it should be modified to set it as well.

As for stuff like “god-mode” and other stuff that might be controversial with some players: this is one of the reasons we added the plug-in system. It allows users to experiment with features that have a more niche appeal and easily change stuff themselves, without affecting all other users. Plug-ins are written in JavaScript, which keeps the threshold to make your own low.

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