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Speed selector for all self-powered rides


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For example:


Car Rides

Mineride (the powered coaster)


+ Brakeruns for the monorail and mine powered coaster to adjust them for slower passages/corners. I know you can do this manually by using a different ride type first and filling the missing (non-sprite) pieces using tile inspector, but this is quite tedious.

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Good suggestion. Personally, I'd particularly like to have brakes on the mine ride, as for my taste they come into stations too fast. Since there's a cheat to have chain lift on any/all track pieces, I wonder if there could be one for brakes (obviously I don't mean brakes on all track pieces). Car ride & Monster Trucks don't really need brakes (in my opinion) as they don't ever go fast enough, even on a long down slope I've never seen any of mine get any higher than around 30-ish Kmph. The Monorail doesn't get high enough really either, I haven't had any faster than around 40-50 on a long downhill, but that's just me.

Not being a programmer/coder/scripter/graphic designer, I have no idea how simple or complex the idea would be.

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