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+ and - to increase and descrease land tool size


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Hello OopenRCT community!Just as the title says, my suggestion is about the increasing and decreasing the land tool keyboard keys instead of with the mouse. It doesn't necessarily have to be - and + buttons, though they seem most logical to me.A reason for why this would be useful: No need to move the moue from the currently highlighted spot anymore.One catch would probably be that these keys should not be pressed while you're moving any land up/down already, so perhaps make it not trigger these events when the left mouse button is being held down.For any developers in here: I have Git (Bash - no client) but cloned off from the master branch, so I'm afraid I might do something stupid. if anyone can help me setting up an environment so I can contribute to the developers branch and explain how git works that would be very helpful (I have experience with SVN and Perforce, just not with Git).Let me know what you think!

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(An edit function for the first post would be handy too!)I'd like to add that it should work on other tools that use a similar system as well (these being water tool, scenery removal tool, park land ownership tool).Edit: Another idea I had: Painting baseland style. Instead of having to click every time, you'll have the ability to drag the lands the same way you would repaint scenery and parts of rides.

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