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Newly open ride and crowdedness

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I realize there is a interesting phenomenon in OpenRCT that once a new popular ride is open(usually roller coaster), it would attract a lot of guests and drag a lot of guests towards the area around the new ride, making the rest of the part of the park more empty. Compared to the original RCT, this phenomenon is much more prominent in OpenRCT. Sometimes it is a bit annoying that some area of the park is too crowded and some is too empty. Is it true that there are some adjustment behind ?

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I get that frequently with my parks, and if you think about it, it's not surprising given the (no doubt) simplistic guest AI. <shrug>They head for where the excitement is. To try and combat this I usually try to have stuff in various places to "even out" guests.

Of course if you have rides with an average of 8 or 9, and then one blitzes that with a 12 or 13 .... Well we know where everybody is going to go, even if they get on the ride and almost straight away do the "I want to get off xxxx".  :)


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