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How are road markings made on paths?

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I'm trying to replicate this for a custom scenario and I have no idea how to make paths look like this with the dotted white lines. I've included a screenshot of a Time Twister scenario that does this.

Metropolis 2021-08-24 16-52-15.png

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5 minutes ago, ExCrafty said:


Ah, thank you! Is it only available for use within the scenario editor then? I see that that path type is selected in the Object Selection for this scenario, yet I can't use that path type when actually playing the scenario.

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Hmm, I'm honestly not sure on that. I'd have thought that if it's selected in the objects selection, then it's be available in-game. Maybe it's something that was done for that particular scenario by whoever created it originally. It's a VERY long time since I played any scenario, let alone that one.  :)

Maybe if you enable sandbox mode, select it, then disable sandbox it'll work then ?

Somebody else may have a better idea. :)

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Yup, sandbox mode will help if you’re not in the Scenario Editor.

First, enable the Cheats button: Floppy disk -> Options -> 5th tab (gears) -> put a tick in front of Cheats.

Now, click and hold the golden shovel in the toolbar and select "Enable sandbox mode". The road will now be available.

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On 26/08/2021 at 01:42, ExCrafty said:

I've done that also, to check that I wasn't giving the wrong info, but even after selecting it in the object selection, the "road" path still doesn't show in the path menu.

I'm confused now (not an unusual state for me).

You do need to do both - are you absolutely certain you did that?

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Yes, tried more than once as well. It appears as though it's only meant to be used while sandbox is active. However once you put down the "road" you can turn off sandbox mode and what you did stays, but roads are no longer available in the paths menu.


Right now though the launcher doesn't appear to be working, so I'll wait for a while. I know you guys don't have anything to do with the launcher, so I usually don't mention it.  :)

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I’m not entirely sure how to interpret that. Are you saying that:

  1. Enabling sandbox mode (and leaving it on) still doesn’t make the road show up in the Footpaths window, or
  2. After disabling sandbox mode, the road is no longer available in the Footpaths window?

Option 1 would be a bug or a user error, but option 2 is how it is supposed to work.

(Note that cheats will be saved with the park on the new save format, which makes enabling roads a one-time event.)

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I believe that the road path object is meant to be unavailable in the paths menu during actual gameplay. Just trying it out with my scenario I am working on, I've created the roads outside the park like I wanted, and once you actually play the scenario, that path type is unavailable. Would explain why there is a custom identical road path type by Junya Boy that's distributed with OpenRCT2 that is marked as "unrestricted".

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