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  1. Information on RCT Classic: https://rct.fandom.com/wiki/RollerCoaster_Tycoon_Classic Really, its just a different way to play RCT2 and includes most content from RCT1 and expansions. If you want the most complete experience you'd need RCT2 + TT + WW and RCT1 + CF + LL. Without RCT1 you're mainly just missing out on those scenarios, and I think you can now have transparent water like in RCT1 in OpenRCT2 if you have those games. (There may be other small things, I'm not sure).
  2. I believe that the road path object is meant to be unavailable in the paths menu during actual gameplay. Just trying it out with my scenario I am working on, I've created the roads outside the park like I wanted, and once you actually play the scenario, that path type is unavailable. Would explain why there is a custom identical road path type by Junya Boy that's distributed with OpenRCT2 that is marked as "unrestricted".
  3. Ah, thank you! Is it only available for use within the scenario editor then? I see that that path type is selected in the Object Selection for this scenario, yet I can't use that path type when actually playing the scenario.
  4. I'm trying to replicate this for a custom scenario and I have no idea how to make paths look like this with the dotted white lines. I've included a screenshot of a Time Twister scenario that does this.
  5. Ah i see, I did install RCT1 from disk to get the data for OpenRCT2. I will try copying directly from the disk as you said. Thanks!
  6. I play OpenRCT2 on Manjaro Linux, i was doing some other stuff with a custom scenario and needed to open the game with the terminal so i could use some OpenRCT2 commands. I am greeted with this error upon starting the game from the command line, it doesnt seem to affect anything but i was curious what was going wrong here and if i could fix it. ERROR[/build/openrct2/src/OpenRCT2-0.3.4/src/openrct2/drawing/Drawing.Sprite.cpp:358 (gfx_load_csg)]: Unable to load csg graphics Thanks!
  7. haha, okay thanks for the info! I do remember that six flags logo now that you mention it, havent played rct without openrct2 in forever
  8. I have some custom scenarios that include pictures of the maps that extract to OpenRCT2/scenario/Pictures Is there any way to display these pictures in the scenario selection window? I swear it used to show these underneath the scenario description and goals, am i just going crazy?
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