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hi-just trying to find the object editor


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hi-just trying to find the object editor. I completely forget where it was. I pretty much forgot everything. I also got a workbench from NE Designs and put it in my custom object folder but can't seem to use that either. love this game but I feel like I need a tutor :)

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Workbenches are .sv6 files, they are the same as saved park files, so you should  place them in your saved games folder or in a subdirectory therein.

To use a work bench, run rollercoaster tycoon 2 normally and in the opening menu chose "continue playing a saved game". Now chose the desired workbench and click on it. When the park opens  you will have extra objects (associated with the particular work bench) available in your 'scenery' section at the top right of the gameplay screen. When you save your park and reopen it in the future, the same extra scenery will be saved with the park.

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ok I'm pretty sure I use to be able to load pictures into the object editor because I use to have a set of waterfall pics that I animated for a custom object. how do i put these in the object editor?  Secondly how do these custom items get put back into my saved game? I think once I get these 2 things back in my memory I'll be able to finish my old park. Thanks in advance for any help-Stef :)

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