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  1. Hello! I am looking for help for some objects. I am searching for a long time for german level crossings objects. I did finally found the objects from the famous objectcreator DasMatze on a website called RCT-World but i cannot download it. Is there somebody who does have the .DAT's? I know that the .DATS's are in a zip file called Schranken. I also tried to use the website WayBackMachine to find older pages but i didn't found a download that works. This is the page where you can see the download: Schranken I also added the image ofthe objects. I vaguely remember that the names of the .DAT's are something like MDSCHR1, MDSCHR2, MDSCHR3 and MDSCHR4. There is no known way for me to contact DasMatze. I really want those objects but it is impossible for me to download them. Thank you!
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