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I'm a TOTAL NEWBIE and I want to download this for Mac

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I read through the Quickstart guide on the website, but is it current? 

I have the newest Mac operation system, and it looks like going this WINE route seems current? I haven't made any purchases yet, so I'm open to going through any route to make this work. I don't have recent experience with computer tasks like this...

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Bumping this,

Also recently made the jump to on of the new Macs and am having extreme trouble understanding/following the directions to get it up and running, I've tried downloading GOG, Steam, WINE, and every other app I've been guided or guessed I should download upon being prompted but have not had any success and keep hitting dead ends.

Please any advise or guidance would be extremely helpful

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Also having this issue on MacBook, as of 1st oct '21, i have tried the exact steps of what's on openrtc2 guide, bought rtc2 from gog.com (cost me 7quid, wish i hadn't now i can't get it working), downloaded wine and playonmac, followed all the steps, and it said vine wasn't working. didn't know what i was supposed to be doing, no clear instructions on the guide. Playonmac seemed more user friendly, but that didn't work either. Downloaded openrtc2, and it said to choose file location of the app, so i tried to of the one i purchased, but couldn't click on it. tried loads of different ways, none coming off. waste of 7quid. downloaded Parkitect for mac on steam instead. If i can get bootcamp working on MacBook il download things onto windows on mac, but that's not seeming to work either. probably down the line il end up buying a windows laptop and using that for gaming, seems the best bet

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