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  1. we started this discussion asking for help because we were having issues and no response. I tried "just" getting the game from legitimate sources and was still having issues, Ive paid for RCT2 BOTH on steam and GOG so honestly don't know what else to do.
  2. Running OpenRCT2 on the new Mac OS 11.4 and trying to use the Big Screenshot function. Get the message saying "Screenshot Saved to Disk as '(DATE).png' but it's nowhere to be found, even after I search my Mac for the exact file name it states. Have a feeling that it's using a file path to a folder that doesn't exist. Any fix for this?
  3. Bumping this, Also recently made the jump to on of the new Macs and am having extreme trouble understanding/following the directions to get it up and running, I've tried downloading GOG, Steam, WINE, and every other app I've been guided or guessed I should download upon being prompted but have not had any success and keep hitting dead ends. Please any advise or guidance would be extremely helpful
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