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openRCT2 as a fully-separate game from the original RCT2? what do you think?

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So apparently i stumbled upon openRCT2 not long after finding openTTD because the "open"+[old simulation-game title here].
(okay, both are two different games, and i'm trying to not compare these two). (openTTD does not require the original TTD game, and having the newly created graphics and music, as i recall.)

As far, openRCT2 relies files on the old game. i thought it would be good if we don't rely from files in the original RCT2 game.
question is, are we going to the "step" where we no longer need the old RCT2 files?
how long that would be and would it be a very hard job?

(p.s. aside graphics and music taken from RCT2, are there code stuff too?)
(p.s. please mods or someone else, tell me if someone asked this earlier)


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In the early days, OpenRCT2 used the original RCT2 executable for running certain parts of the game. This has been completely removed and OpenRCT2 only runs on OpenRCT2 code. Replacement graphics and sounds are being made, but the process is still very slow, as it is a very difficult job. The biggest problem is that the replacement graphics must look similar to the original graphics because of the custom content that should work with both the original and replacement graphics, a problem that OpenTTD did not have.

In short, there are plans to become completely independent from RCT2, but with the option to use original assets.

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On 20/03/2021 at 14:42, tsuitachi said:

how long that would be and would it be a very hard job?

Yes, it would be a hard job. In order to make OpenRCT2 independent of the original game, all the original graphics and sound need to be replaced. This is what was done for OpenTTD, but with OpenRCT2 there are a lot more sprites - while vehicles in OpenTTD can have as few as 8 sprites, coasters in OpenRCT2 range from several hundred to many thousands of sprites.

This has been talked about for a while, but there just aren't enough people currently working on it to expect it to be done any time soon - very little progress has been made so far. If you want to help make it happen, then check out the #open-graphics channel on the OpenRCT2 discord.


On 20/03/2021 at 14:42, tsuitachi said:

p.s. aside graphics and music taken from RCT2, are there code stuff too?)

No, no original code remains.

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