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  1. So apparently i stumbled upon openRCT2 not long after finding openTTD because the "open"+[old simulation-game title here]. (okay, both are two different games, and i'm trying to not compare these two). (openTTD does not require the original TTD game, and having the newly created graphics and music, as i recall.) As far, openRCT2 relies files on the old game. i thought it would be good if we don't rely from files in the original RCT2 game. question is, are we going to the "step" where we no longer need the old RCT2 files? how long that would be and would it be a very hard job? (
  2. Alrite. I planned to make a scenario-set for (open)rct2, set in the fictious district of Elfwood, New Greenwich. So far i only made one for today, and here it is. (all links are in rctgo) Mostly, this would have same 4000 m^2 inner area in a 9000 m^2 map. 01-EW-NG - Forsaken Facility. https://rctgo.com/downloads/view/01-ew-ng-forsaken-facility.21246 An abandoned hospital in Elfwood District, New Greenwich is given to you from local authority. You might want to change it into an amusement park. 02-EW-NG - Coming soon P/S: Actually, the second scenario was made tod
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