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How to get lightning lighting effects?

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I was looking at a video from 2017 with some cool looking lighting effects, how do I enable these? in the video is said it's not finished yet but since the video is three years old, I assume it is. So is it possible to get these?



I tried using the option that's already in the game (the one that requires software (hardware engine) drawingengine) but it doesn't do the same effect as the one I've shown, it also is very glitchy freezing some parts of the screen for some reason, thanks in advance!

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18 hours ago, PlasmaRC said:

oh I see... pretty sad, it looked amazing. Is there no way to get an early version at least?

If I recall correctly, there's a binary out there somewhere but the source code was never released, so no way to merge it with the latest OpenRCT2 code. You might be able to find it and get it to run, but you'd be playing a three year old version of OpenRCT2.

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