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  1. Got it again, after two cycles the same thing showed up, this is what I did with the tile inspector, I put the entrance and exit inside the station, I think that´s the problem
  2. Got it out of nowhere, was just messing around with the elevator ride and using the tile inspector to move the entrances
  3. I have the latest development build (v0.3.2-d26590c) and since then the peep behavior has been buggy They get stuck on random parts, usually on the park entrance and some ride entrances/exits and the only way to get them unstuck is by grabbing them one by one and placing them somewhere else (tho this doesn't work for peeps stuck on the entrance because they can't be grabbed yet) Another issue i've been having is that my guests are laving too fast, it sounds stupid but they leave even if they are completely happy, not hungry, etc. and the rides don't help boost atte
  4. oh I see... pretty sad, it looked amazing. Is there no way to get an early version at least?
  5. I was looking at a video from 2017 with some cool looking lighting effects, how do I enable these? in the video is said it's not finished yet but since the video is three years old, I assume it is. So is it possible to get these? I tried using the option that's already in the game (the one that requires software (hardware engine) drawingengine) but it doesn't do the same effect as the one I've shown, it also is very glitchy freezing some parts of the screen for some reason, thanks in advance!
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