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Fred-104's Scenario Collection

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Hello to everyone reading! I have a huge collection of custom scenarios for OpenRCT2, currently with a whooping 200 of them. It includes but is not limited to many highly challenging scenarios, remixes of various scenarios from RCT1 and RCT2, beefed up and improved/revisited versions of all RCT2 Wacky Worlds and Time Twister scenarios (often appended with a Roman numeral 2 "II" at the end of the name), and scenarios inspired by other games/media, including 4 Halo-themed scenarios!

There is at least one scenario for every objective type in the game. There are also three "no money" scenarios available. Also, there are multiple scenarios with the "Finish building 5 coasters" goal, as well as several with the "Build 10 roller coasters with a given length" goal. As you look into the scenarios, you might notice that some of the goals are absurdly high for the scenario group the scenario is placed in - you will need to use a more systematic gameplay approach (e.g. pricing umbrellas and rides at max price, building highly efficient rides and coasters, and having a better understanding of the game's mechanics in general) to win these scenarios. I am of the opinion that the RCT2 Wacky Worlds and Time Twister scenarios themselves are too easy, hence why I created beefed up versions of them. You should still have fun playing the scenarios regardless though, especially if you seek a greater challenge than the official RCT1 and RCT2 scenarios. Realism-focused playstyles are NOT recommended, especially in the several of the challenging and expert scenarios in this pack.

No custom scenery objects are used in any of the scenarios, although some scenarios do use the terrain edge styles from RCT1 - linking RCT1 Deluxe to your OpenRCT2 installation will make the RCT1 terrain edge styles show up.

When you download the scenario collection as a zip file, just extract them to your "scenario" folder in your OpenRCT2 directory (e.g. "C:\Users\<username>\Documents\OpenRCT2\scenario") and you'll be able to access the new scenarios right away! Do note that I will update the collection either with new scenarios or with revisions to existing scenarios within this pack.

NOTE: I did NOT create these scenarios for RCT2 vanilla or RCT Classic, as there are quite a number of them that use new elements that exist in neither RCT2 vanilla nor RCT Classic (e.g. wooden coaster boosters). My custom scenario pack is meant for OpenRCT2 ONLY. You should preferably have the v0.3.0 release or later.

Screenshots of some of the scenarios

NOTE: This is only a sample of what to expect in this huge scenario pack.

Northern Sands - The tougher cousin of Southern Sands from RCT1 Loopy Landscapes.


Halo 4 - Forge Island (Great Anvils) - My first custom scenario that I ever publicly uploaded. It is obviously inspired by the Forge Island multiplayer map from Halo 4.Great_Anvils_2020-09-18_17-49-38.thumb.png.62bf2af61ea4fe34217c3238720df4f7.png

Europe - European Cultural Festival II (European Extravaganza II) - One of my beefed up, improved versions of the RCT2 Wacky Worlds and Time Twister scenarios.


Primordial ParkPrimordial_Park_2020-09-09_18-30-13.thumb.png.cb5e2a0335ec63f51c90895447f042a2.png

Onyx Heights - A futuristic remix of Diamond Heights from RCT1.Onyx_Heights_2020-09-07_15-32-14.thumb.png.f950449c1d08ff25748e193bc42fd65f.png

Frostbite Castle - A great example of a scenario that uses both Wacky Worlds and Time Twister objects together properly. This is also a notoriously difficult scenario, and Marcel Vos actually did this scenario live on stream back on February 1, 2020.


Manic Meteors - One of the two "big bad" scenarios in this pack. You WILL fail it multiple times at the start, but if you can even make it through the initial hurdle of getting your park rating above 700 before May, Year 1, there are even nastier surprises waiting for you once you get to 1,000 guests.Manic_Meteors_2020-08-28_21-07-57.thumb.png.70971e123fc168b8e7b6940e11bc2427.png

Eighth Court of Diyu - The other "big bad" scenario in this pack, this scenario, themed around the Chinese underworld, is by far the hardest scenario in the pack. It is even more difficult than Manic Meteors as there are many restrictions enabled, and the land is also rather difficult to work with. If you can make it through this one, props to you!


Titan Peaks - My 200th scenario overall and the most difficult shop profit-focused scenario in the pack.






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I have finally reached 200 scenarios! Titan Peaks is up.
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