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You should upload an SC4 or SV4 file that actually has 10% interest, then. I determined the 1.33% by checking the interest payments that RCT1 deducts with those from RCT2, and all I tried had this interest rate. There is also no indication on the TID a loan interest variable exists for SV4 files.

I am not sure how you would "remember" that in the first place, seeing as RCT1 does not even display the interest rate, making it hard to determine without carefully checking interest payments and comparing them to the loan amount.


For example, if I pull up an old save of Dynamite Dunes, there is a 10% interest rate, but if I start a new game there, it's 1%

Can you upload that save, then? And how do you know it's 10%? Did you check in RCT1?

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Well, I suppose that my memory is merging RCT and RCT2 in my head. After all it has been almost 2 decades. 

When I was referring to an old save, I meant an old openRCT save. They were 10% for me, but that was a while back.

Sorry for the confusion.

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