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Fast Pass/Fast Lane


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In the original RCT2 I used to create two stations, one entrance, one exit, but I would add an entrance to the exit station as well. I'd make a very short queue so several riders exiting the ride could jump back in line and get on the ride again. I would use a No Entry sign to keep the regular guests from accessing the short queue at the exit. I thought of it as my own Fast Lane/Freeway Pass system. However, in OpenRCT2, guests try to access the coaster by both queue lines and begin to complain that they cannot find the ride when searching for the Fast Lane queue. I'm curious if there is a solution for this.

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Guests always look for the nearest entry. If they can't find a path, they will look for a path that makes them get as close as possible. Make sure the path to the fast lane always leads past the normal entrance first, and that the tile closest to the fast lane is closer to the normal entrance.

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