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Open RCT2 Roller Coaster build menu in RCT1

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Hi everyone, I'm currently going through all the RCT1 scenarios with OpenRCT2. I find out that the Inverted Roller Coaster is always replaced by the Compacted Inverted Roller Coaster in the build menu by default. And Inverted Roller Coaster is not even an option there. Do you know the reason?

Secondly, Spinning Wild Mouse is always an option in the menu in all the RCT 1 scenarios by default?


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The first one may be because the track type is the same, which causes the game to only list one when you have both rides. The ride selection is really more of a vehicle selection.

The latter sounds like a bug. Are you sure they shouldn't be available in the scenario's you noticed this on? I haven't tested it myself, so I can't verify right now.

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Sorry......I should have clarified that the problem I mentioned only happens in RCT1 with OpenRCT2. 

I think the possible reason for the appearance of Spinning Wild Mouse in RCT1 is due to the removal of Spinning Cars type of Junior Roller Coasters in OpenRCT2 and that there are some mistakes there mixing up the 2 rides. 

But for the Inverted Roller Coaster, I'm still not sure. They should be 2 different ride/track types. Perhaps it's also a similar case to the Spinning Cars.

Should this be fixed?



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