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Custom Staff: The Micro Manager

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This staff would have two modes:

The first would have the Micro Managers walk around your park inspecting the profitability of rides and adjust the ride price based on its stats and age according to http://tomvanhees.be/rct2/index.php the table


The second mode would have the micromanagers walk around the park to inspect rides that are unprofitable, then close, refurbish, and renew them automatically.


Obviously they should cost a lot to have.


Is something like that possible? Good Idea? Terrible idea? What do you think?

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Is it possible? Sure. But it essentially means having staff that abuse the game mechanics for you. In real life, a park cannot calculate exactly how much guests are willing to pay from the ride stats, and closing and reopening a ride does not magically make guests think it's new.


If you start looking at how the game works internally,  you can take advantage of that knowledge to maximize profit, but I don't think having the option to automate that process is a good idea unless it is to be considered as a cheat.

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