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  1. This staff would have two modes: The first would have the Micro Managers walk around your park inspecting the profitability of rides and adjust the ride price based on its stats and age according to http://tomvanhees.be/rct2/index.php the table The second mode would have the micromanagers walk around the park to inspect rides that are unprofitable, then close, refurbish, and renew them automatically. Obviously they should cost a lot to have. Is something like that possible? Good Idea? Terrible idea? What do you think?
  2. A slight variation with a single track design Single Track Racer 7.42 High 8.90 Very High 4.91 Medium They basically come in at the same time. I had to utilize a break just under the white car -3mph to make it work right. Two Face.TD6
  3. Jstank


    I just wanted to thank everyone for reviving one of the best games from my past, and also to say hi!
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