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Feature: Endless Mode


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On 15/11/2019 at 21:38, RollerBoaster said:

Isn't this already the case? Think the options and cheat options already allow this? You can run a park for many years. Cheats allow you to change objectives from easy to harder options etc. A lot of the cheats are more gameplay options than cheats so you can use them to play how you prefer.

Yes, but it would be nice to have a big blank park to work with specifically for this.  (Basically an already starter that is basically a nice blank slate specifically for using these options.  It should basically have no real goals other than to stay open until you hit the game's built in time limit.)

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It would be nice to ship with a couple premade sandboxes for it.  Do you think we could tap the community for such sandboxes?

There are four possible ways to set the goal:
No Goal: i.e. Have Fun
Minimal Goal:  Last at least one year
Insane Goal: Reach 999 Approval
Long term "Don't Fudge it" goal: Don't let your rating drop below 200 before year 25.

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Specify exact possible goals
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