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Windows XP build request

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Says it in the title, but before you say "Why don't you upgrade to a newer system already because this is outdated?" let me explain. I restore old computers as a hobby, and I find it really fun to see what these old gems are capable of in 2019. Well, I dug out the old family desktop from storage to see what files were on it back when my mom use to use it 15 years ago. I found a lot of old pictures on it and I even found out that I had RCT2 TTP installed on it from an original disc. I don't know why, but I love Windows XP more than any other version of windows, so I decided to have this as my desktop for right now. My laptop that  hosts my server is Windows 10, but building on a desktop is much easier. (I'd get a new computer but I'm really tight on money.) So here's the deal. I would like an Openrct2 build for the XP, and I've seen builds on reddit from 3 years ago from a cool guy named Janisour or something like that. (Sorry I don't remember your name.) I don't need like an up to date build, and I don't even need multiplayer since it's not connected to the internet anyway. I would just like some features from Openrct2 on it, like cheats and stuff. I don't care if the build is new or if it's 4 years old. If you need it, I don't know the exact specs of the tower, but I know the model. I have a 2004 HP Pavilion a520n running Windows XP Service Pack 3 and has 512 MB of Ram. It has 64 GB of storage I think. It runs fantastic as old as it is and I'm very impressed with it after I restored it and fixed all the issues. So if anyone has a build, and remember, I don't care what age, please give me a link download or something. I would appreciate it! :) Thanks!

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The user you're thinking of is janisozaur. The build that jensj12 mentioned is the most recent one that will work. Never builds might compile if you disable/comment out operating system integration bits, and if you find a new enough compiler to handle all the stuff that we use.

Since our builds still work on Vista, you might have some success with the stuff listed here: https://msfn.org/board/topic/176605-compatibility-layers-for-xp/. Do note that I haven't tested that. Another option might be trying a light Linux distro on that old computer, like Lubuntu 18.04. You can even do a dual boot, so that you don't have to ditch XP.

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I know this is probably a dead point, but I also have a passion for restoring and "daily driving" older hardware, but am not super tech savvy. I just want to recommend linux mint. works great and you can even still surf the web on a 15 year old laptop. the 32 bit iso I use is HERE, and oRCT2 works fine for me. no crazy tech stuff. a lot of linux distributions can get a little technical in the install process, but mint is designed for ease of use. Just use a free program called Rufus to make a bootable USB or burn the iso to a CD. It picks up drivers and everything. 


That said, I too would love to play it actually in XP

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