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Favorite Roller Coaster to build?


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I have been playing RCT2 since release.  I have built thousands of parks and coasters.  My favorite coaster is the Twister Roller Coaster.  I love the verity of trains. Stand up, Hyper, Floorless and then the non looping trains 6 seater and Hyoer Twister Trains.  This coaster gives me the highest excitement raiting (when design correctly and multiple interactions with scenery and other rides/buildings/underground)  

What is everyone else’s favorite coaster to design/build?  


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On 24/01/2019 at 10:26, explosives233 said:

Definitely the Twister. It's really one of the only roller coasters that I can make without it being ridiculously over-extreme, and I love the whooshing sound it makes. The Giga is also a favorite.

Same. That "whoosh" when it's flying down the tracks is just:


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1. Steel Twister - Virtually every type of track piece is in it.

2. Vertical Drop - I can usually get a good ride with single cars per train.

3. Splash Boats (I know, it's not a "coaster") I can easily get excitements of 10+ consistently.

4. Giga Coaster - Awesome heights.  :)

5. Wooden - Very traditional.


Splash Boats 14 Excite.jpg


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I just noticed that with the latest update (for me at least) what used to be the Steel Twister coaster, is now just the Twister. Is this merely a cosmetic thing to bring all versions in line ?

It's no drama for me, just purely curious.

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