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    Penance Park

    After Marcel Vos easily defeated my last scenario, I decided to go out of my way to make a thoroughly difficult scenario. Happy Halloween! I give you: Penance Park! Download Link: Penance Park.sc6
  2. Same. That "whoosh" when it's flying down the tracks is just:
  3. Introduction: Okay so I've been seeing Marcel Vos's videos about how to beat various scenarios in RCT2 and it made me think two things: There are a lot of people who are far better at this game than I am. I bet I could make a super-hard scenario for these powergamers to try and crack. And after running a scenario that I made for a while, I came up with two scenarios for you guys. One of which is designed to be insanely hard, the other is the sandbox version of the mode. Evergreen Lake (Easy):Evergreen Lake - (Easy).sc6 Marketing Campaigns are forbidd
  4. Hey everyone how's it going? I love this series and while I've yet to play Coaster Planet, I've been getting back into RCT2 via ORCT2. Looking forward to talking to you all!
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