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Ignore Research Status Issue + Other issues

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When I use the "Ignore Research Status" cheat, I do not receive all of the items that can be research, only a few of them. Why might this be? This cheat did not always do this. Also, when playing through a few scenarios, even on max funding, my research is taking several in-game years, and I only get vehicle types, which is not something I ever received before. Is there an option I can deselect/select so that when I research a ride, I get all of the vehicle types? Again, it wasn't always that I received vehicle types when researching. This just started happening.

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Each vehicle is a different ride type that shares the same track type. In the original RCT2, a new vehicle would often be classified as a new ride type with its own build menu button and track designs. In OpenRCT2 they’re simply grouped together more often, allowing you to switch vehicles without rebuilding the entire track (or cheats).

For the research speed, it would be nice if you could setup a test scenario and run it in both RCT2 and OpenRCT2 to see if there are any differences. Having such proof greatly increases the chances of a dev looking at it.

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17 hours ago, cheyjordan said:

Again, it wasn't always that I received vehicle types when researching

Each vehicle type is a separate object file and therefore a seperate research item. I don't think this was different in vanilla, and I don't believe there's an option to unlock all vehicle types automatically whenever one is researched (the scenario might not even have all vehicle types available).

However, there is a cheat to let you edit the inventions list (and object selection) in game. You can use this to make whatever vehicle types you want available whenever you want them.

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