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  1. I tried to update my version of Open from my previous release to the most recent release. Every time I download the new release to my computer, the game still lists my previous release and the game does not update. I've already fully uninstalled Open from my computer and downloaded the most recent release, but when I opened the game, it still listed the old release. I'm not sure what to do.
  2. When I use the "Ignore Research Status" cheat, I do not receive all of the items that can be research, only a few of them. Why might this be? This cheat did not always do this. Also, when playing through a few scenarios, even on max funding, my research is taking several in-game years, and I only get vehicle types, which is not something I ever received before. Is there an option I can deselect/select so that when I research a ride, I get all of the vehicle types? Again, it wasn't always that I received vehicle types when researching. This just started happening.
  3. I downloaded the OpenRCT release over a year ago and want to download the latest release, but I wanted to know a few things before I do: In the latest release, will all of my progress remain? I played through many of the scenarios and would hate to start over. Will all my custom object flies be transferred to the latest version? Can my old version and the latest release coexist on my computer or do I need to uninstall the old version before downloading the new one? Thanks!
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