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Help Setting Up LAN Server PLEASE

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I have got the solution to help you out! ( a bit late). I was facing the same. But after hours and hours of trying, i have found the solution.

You have to create the server (world) and remove the port ''11753''. Change it to 22. (That works for sure). Now do whatever you want for settings, and go. Than, on your second pc, you have to add the server. type the ipv4 of your host pc followed by a '':'' than 22. <Ipv4>:22   . It looks like this:  ''192.232.23:22''.

If 22 doesnt work, try 23, 24 etc.

This is the only solution that will help you out, only for LAN playing! (local network)

I hope it helped you out!

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On 27/01/2019 at 19:40, Broxzier said:

"Disconnected No data" suggests that you were connected already. when does this happen exactly?

@gtxtreme Using a port that's meant for something else (in this case SSH) is not the nicest solution. If this does work, you should be able to just open the ports on your router.

Well, i have no idea of anything you wrote XD. Just giving yourself a random port works for me, What will happen if you make the port the same as SSH? What is SSH even? ---- Otherwise just use port 36


PS   you dont have to port forward anything on lan!

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On 28/01/2019 at 20:06, gtxtreme said:

PS   you dont have to port forward anything on lan!

If you're both connected to the same switch or router, then that's true, but when there are multiple routers that don't act as bridges, then you still have to open ports on these.

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