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  1. Well, i have no idea of anything you wrote XD. Just giving yourself a random port works for me, What will happen if you make the port the same as SSH? What is SSH even? ---- Otherwise just use port 36 PS you dont have to port forward anything on lan!
  2. Im late here, but: i have the solution. If your friend is the host, type correctly his IPv4 adress in the add server, followed by a '':'' and next the port. The port can be anything between 20 and 80 i guess. For me, port 36 works. So it would be something like: . (Your friend has to type 36 in the port instead of the standard 11753) PS YOU DONT HAVE TO PORT FORWARD ANYTHING ON LAN PLAY!!!
  3. I have got the solution to help you out! ( a bit late). I was facing the same. But after hours and hours of trying, i have found the solution. You have to create the server (world) and remove the port ''11753''. Change it to 22. (That works for sure). Now do whatever you want for settings, and go. Than, on your second pc, you have to add the server. type the ipv4 of your host pc followed by a '':'' than 22. <Ipv4>:22 . It looks like this: ''192.232.23:22''. If 22 doesnt work, try 23, 24 etc. This is the only solution that will help you out, only for LAN playing! (local
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