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Custom content in multiplayer

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If you have "export plug-in objects with saved games" checked in the options, then others can see your park. If you don't, they will only be able to open it if they have the necessary objects already installed (the game will show a list of the objects that are missing). Some older custom tracked rides (like AEs) had a bug that prevented them from exporting in vanilla, but this should be fixed in OpenRCT2.

If you use objects from the expansion packs, these will not be exported, but users without the expansion packs can still view the park - the missing objects will appear invisible.

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Thankyou, had that set already so im guessing it works lol - just havent ever seen anyone join my park yet......ah well one day :)


I have a problem now tho, after going around a few other peoples parks ive developed a problem in my own - if i try to place a 3D sign (either of the 2x1 or the tall vertical one) my game crashes instantly...   it also wont let me delete a 3D sign which is sorta stuck in mid air now lol.   Does anyone have any idea what files may be corrupted or could be replaced to fix it?

Any help would be WONDERFUL ty :)

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