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  1. This looks brilliant! Cant wait to see it uploaded
  2. Karin

    Buying Shares

    I've always wished there'd be a mod to the game where there could be an index of parks around the world ( comp generated or human), and that you could buy and sell shares in those parks. It'd give you something to spend profits on and invest.. If you acquired 100% shares in another park you could have two parks paying Into the same bank balance.. Would be fun building a group of parks up as part of the same game. And when starting out could sell some shares to raise funds.. One day
  3. Love this - it blows my current ship ride out of the water lol. Just wondering tho, does this use up 8 or 9 of your ride/stalls allowance in the park? In larger parks that limit becomes an issue already so im cautious to use extra rides just for theming? Love these vids, thankyou
  4. Thankyou Yes that makes sense cos i'd put a few oddball rides in using arbitrary changes since the last save that worked. I checked them all and they seemed to be working, with stats present... then i deleted them one by one and it still didnt fix it. I had to use a previous save to get on track again, and have since rebuilt all the same rides too without issue lol - but it had to be one of them. Thankyou again for your help!
  5. Somethings happened in my park... all was well but now when i place any ride (game generated or custom), it lets me test and open it, but the stats are unavailable so not many go on them... If anyone knows what causes this please help!
  6. im so glad i found these videos, they've completely changed the way i play now lol Thankyou!
  7. Thankyou, had that set already so im guessing it works lol - just havent ever seen anyone join my park yet......ah well one day I have a problem now tho, after going around a few other peoples parks ive developed a problem in my own - if i try to place a 3D sign (either of the 2x1 or the tall vertical one) my game crashes instantly... it also wont let me delete a 3D sign which is sorta stuck in mid air now lol. Does anyone have any idea what files may be corrupted or could be replaced to fix it? Any help would be WONDERFUL ty
  8. Hi, Im new to the multiplayer here, and im wondering if others can see my park if i have custom content in it? i use a bunch of AE's modified rides in mine... Thanks in advance :)
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