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Improved Go-karts


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I quite like go-karts, and having seen this INSANE park that heavily features Go-Karts, I've thought of some things that could make them even better.

1: Karts choose sides on merged track

Currently, Go-karts will only go on one side of the track on straights and 1-radius turns (The parts used in the go-kart ride itself). However, when they encounter a large turn they will go in the centre of the track, which looks odd and doesn't match their intended behaviour. I'm not sure why they don't, perhaps there's some variables associated with track pieces to decide the offset that are only set for the go-kart's track pieces.

2: Karts don't skip over diagonal elements (and others)

When making a kart track with the arbitrary ride type changes cheat, I found the karts would just teleport past diagonal straights and 45* turn pieces, like a regular coaster teleports past golf holes. This limits how tracks can be built. I can understand skipping inversions, but one idea I have had is to make custom MK8-style karts with sprites for inversions etc., and this won't work if the karts just teleport past the inversions.

3: Shortcuts and track splits

I can understand this one being harder to implement, but since the karts can choose the side of the track they drive on, why shouldn't they be able to choose between 2 tracks? This would enable functional shortcuts or alternative routes. I like the above park's approach with one lap actually consisting of the karts driving two circuits of the track, but in my opinion having actual functioning shortcuts would make go-karts much more exciting.

For this one, I do see many implementation problems, such as how to perform the split (probably a new track piece), how to check that all paths form complete circuits etc., so I'm not expecting it to be done anytime soon. But hey, it's an idea.

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