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New to the forums, long time builder


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My name's Fletcher and um. I'm not good at these whole introduction things but let me just say I absolutely admire the efforts going into OpenRCT2. The rct series as a whole has been like, a huge inspiration to me from a creativity standpoint; although I grew up on RCT3 I personally have been enjoying playing RCT2 a lot more due to it's simplistic nature giving it a sense of charm that also runs beautifully on my computer. My personal favorite thing to do is to push the limits in RCT2 and try and make these beautiful, fun, yet as realistic as I can manage in the engine, parks. I discovered OpenRCT2 actually rather recently and I'm a little sad I hadn't found out about it sooner; it makes the original game an infinitely better experience and makes it a lot easier for me to dive into the game and just build to my hearts content.

I'm a rather busy art student ngl but I'm really hoping I can show off the things I do in game and hopefully get advice to become a better creator in the long run!

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Welcome to the forums! Your introduction is very well formed and informative, definitely not bad :P

There's a screenshot dump topic where you can share anything you've made, or make your own thread for anything bigger than just one screenshot.

We also have group parks, where we take turns to work on the same park to end with a good looking and mostly filled map.

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